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You are here because you have been prescribed testosterone therapy and your healthcare professional has recommended that you use this program to enable you to monitor your progress and take steps to improve your fitness.

It's good for you. But why is it particularly good, for you?

If you have obesity: It puts strain on your joints, reduces your energy and makes physical activity much harder. But it also means that physical activity will benefit you most, not just reducing your weight and your risk of diseases, but in making you feel stronger and happier.

If you have type 2 diabetes: Not only does physical activity improve the health of your heart, brain and body. It also gives you better blood glucose control, reduces resistance to insulin and helps you lose weight. In short, it can help improve the signs and symptoms of your diabetes, whilst making you feel stronger and happier.


Why should you make the time now?

You have hypogonadism (HG), which means that your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. Your doctor has prescribed you testosterone therapy as a result. This should restore your body’s testosterone to normal levels, which increases your ability to exercise and if you have type 2 diabetes it reduces your blood glucose levels with time. Testosterone therapy accelerates the benefits you may achieve with physical activity by increasing your energy levels, reducing body fat and increasing muscle.

What should you aim for?

The ultimate goal is to make physical activity a meaningful, enjoyable and integral part of your life, so that you experience the combined benefits of testosterone therapy and a healthier, active lifestyle.

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