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Keeping track of how you feel is crucial as you move through your first year with testosterone therapy. It shows you and your doctor how testosterone therapy is helping you. It also gives your doctor a well-rounded insight into how you’re feeling, so they can manage your treatment optimally.

When should you complete them?

You should fill out your ‘Starting Evaluation’ as soon as possible, before your first testosterone therapy treatment. The next scheduled evaluation will always be written at the bottom of the page, so set a reminder on your phone immediately, or put it into your personal diary.

You will notice a number of your symptoms start to improve at different points in the first few months, so you will need to complete one evaluation every four weeks. After this, the time intervals between evaluations will become longer, as you will be experiencing longer-term benefits.


STEP 1 - Complete your self-evaluation

Do you wish to complete the evaluation online or would you prefer to download & print a blank form?


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